Marguerite Beneke


All my current teaching is online through Glass Emotions Studio. I have 3 online video tutorials and 2 e-books. Here are the links to them and a short description of each tutorial. Each tutorial has access to a private Facebook group where I interact with the students and share extra demonstration videos.

Textured abstract

Abstract design and colour choices can be totally overwhelming. There is a lot of information available on the internet on design principles and colour theories, and it can leave you more confused than ever on where to start. Using Marguerite's simplistic approach of using easy photo references or sketches are perfect for beginning artists who are just starting to explore abstracts or even the more experienced artist who is looking to expand their design knowledge or simply get inspired. Textured Abstracts in enamels is an online video class in which you will learn Marguerite's most treasured painting secrets - the exact techniques & tools she is using and the way she thinks while creating. You can easily apply the knowledge to your own painting process.

Painterly seascape

Painterly seascapes with enamels is Marguerite’s latest online video tutorial where she demonstrates her easy step by step painting techniques on how to create beautiful sky, sea, wave and beach scenes. The video tutorial consists of 9 modules with over 100 minutes viewing time. Watch at your own leisure and learn at your own pace. In this tutorial Marguerite demonstrates how to measure and mix the perfect enamel paint consistency and share her whole seascape colour blending range. The video has 5 different projects that includes beautiful atmospheric skies, movement in the sea, close up waves and a small-scale jewellery pendant seascape scene.

Fluid painting

Marguerite Beneke’s Floating on the surface fluid painting video tutorial gives you the skills to create and control fused glass enamel fluid painting. The video tutorial consists of 8 modules consisting of 100 minutes viewing time. Watch at your own leisure and learn at your own pace. Watch as Marguerite demonstrates how to measure and mix pouring medium and fluid paint, which is applied using different techniques to create the sought-after ribbons and smoky wisps that Marguerite is renowned for. As an extra bonus she will demonstrate how to create her delicate looking fantasy flowers.

Mounting techniques

Marguerite's interior wall mounting techniques provide you with an option of not seeing any hanging hardware from the front. The techniques covered in the tutorial are ideal if you do production work and need bigger quantities of simplistic and elegant wall mount displays.

In this 47-page PDF book tutorial, Marguerite will demonstrate with step by step photos how to create:
  • Mounting Blocks
  • 7Floating glass panels for single or multiple tiles.
  • Different painting techniques
  • Plexiglass mountings
  • Cement fibre board mountings for exterior use
Colour blending

If you are familiar with using Dove / Rogue enamels on glass but were always dreaming about creating an extended colour range, then here is your answer! Marguerite Beneke has documented her favourite colour mixture recipes that she uses in her work. In this 62-page PDF book tutorial, Marguerite shares her recipes to create a range of 49 colours from 11 original colours from Dove / Rogue and Flux. You will see each swatch tile fired as well as the unfired paint colour in comparison. This tutorial is not about a specific application technique, but Marguerite does share how to apply the paint to create your own colour swatches and to create a gradient colour shift as a solid background using the enamel paint and a brush.